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Metal processing includes sheet metal processing, but the scope of application of sheet metal processing is not limited to metal processing. Sheet metal processing generally uses hot processing technology and cold processing technology. How to choose two processes needs to be used according to specific requirements and regulations. Gold processing uses various cutting tools and equipment to cut off the excess part of the metal, and then uses various forming molds to cast the metal into the shape we want.


Sheet metal processing has relatively high requirements for the shape and size of sheet metal parts, so in the early stage, drawings will be drawn to determine the sequence of each processing procedure. Cutting methods include turning, drilling, milling, planing, grinding, broaching, etc. In the metal processing technology, cold processing corresponds to hot processing. Cold processing refers to the processing technology that causes plastic deformation of the metal below the recrystallization temperature, such as cold rolling, cold drawing, cold forging, stamping, cold extrusion, etc. . The cold working process can increase the metal's resistance to deformation. While forming metal parts, various metal fusion can be used to achieve the purpose of improving strength and hardness. However, cold working will reduce the plasticity of the metal, and generally the metal will be made into conformity first. The model is then cold-processed, which is suitable for processing metal parts with small cross-sectional dimensions and high processing dimensions and surface roughness.


The picture above is part of the seat stamping sheet metal products produced and processed by our company. If you have any requirements, you can call us to consult and customize. We will provide you with suitable and satisfactory products.


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